Why? Why Not!

SinchHealth came about because of the 2017 publication of some very significant research for those of us with cancer. The issue is that too few in need, know about this research. We want your help to spread the word, improve things, and save lives. This blog will help keep you up to date.

Time is precious for cancer suffers so we will get straight to the point:

The Problem:
Chemotherapy and radiotherapy create cancer cell debris: dead and dying cancer cells. 
Cancer debris triggers an inflammatory response that may further stimulate aggressive tumour growth and metastasis that are difficult to resolve. 

The Solution:
This destructive consequence of gold-standard cancer therapies may be avoided/halted by Resolvins.[See]
Resolvins are molecules naturally produced by the body. They work to restore our cells to normal function during and after inflammation. We can help our body produce more Resolvins by taking Aspirin and Omega 3.[See]
The findings open the door to a new approach to reduce the risk of cancer recurrence.

The Bottom Lines:
Resolvins can prevent the double-edge to current cancer treatment: chemotherapy and radiotherapy increase the risk of cancer recurrence. [See]

Things have to change. That’s why we need your help to get the word out, and join us in igniting the call for better ways.

Meanwhile, we are working on a more detailed guide which includes suggestions re dosage and timing etc, so subscribe to our Facebook page and Twitter feed for updates. We would also love to hear your insights in this promising domain.