Resolvins & Cancer Treatment

Facts and Queries

The Problem:

Chemotherapy and radiotherapy create cancer cell debris: dead and dying cancer cells [See]

Cancer debris triggers inflammation that can stimulate aggressive tumour growth and metastasis that are difficult to overcome. That is "100 times more accelerated tumor growth" and "These tumors are then resistant to further chemotherapy." [See]

The Solution: 

This unintended consequence of cancer treatment can be halted by Resolvins. Resolvins are molecules naturally produced by the human body from Omega-3 fatty acids (Fish Oil). 

Even more Resolvins are created by a chemical reaction when you take Aspirin with Omega 3 [See]


Quantity of Aspirin: 40mg per day, which is under half a “kids”/low dose 100mg tablet and 12.3% of a typical 325mg tablet. [See]

Quantity of Omega 3: Unclear, but more seems better.

 Type of Omega 3: Marine rather than vegetable sourced.  [See]

Some Evidence:

An observational study by Cardiff University published in 2018 of over 520,000 cancer patients has shown:

- at any time following the diagnosis of some cancers the proportion of patients who were still alive was 20-30% greater in those taking Aspirin, and

- the spread of cancer to other parts of the body was also substantially reduced in patients using Aspirin. [See]

We believe that the if those patients had also been taking Fish Oil, then the benefits would be even higher, as Aspirin’s main role is to activate Fish Oil to increase its potency to create Resolvins and reduce inflammation. Obviously, there are many questions that need “proven” answers such as about quantities, timeframes, risks, age, body weight, medications, race and genes etc. That is why we have embarked on a research project to gather data from those already taking Aspirin and Omega 3. So watch this space, and let us know if you have anything to add.

Meanwhile, please help spread the word to those undergoing treatment, and seek a response from their medical team.