Resolvins & Cancer Treatment

Facts and Queries

The Problem:

Chemotherapy and radiotherapy create cancer cell debris: dead & dying cancer cells [See]

Cancer debris triggers inflammation that can stimulate aggressive tumour growth and metastasis that are difficult to overcome. That is "100 times more accelerated tumor growth" and "These tumors are then resistant to further chemotherapy." [See]

The Solution: 

This unintended consequence of cancer treatment can be halted by Resolvins. Resolvins are molecules naturally produced by the human body from Omega-3 fatty acids (Fish Oil). 

Resolvins can also be created by a chemical reaction when you take Aspirin and Omega 3 [See]


Quantity of Aspirin: 81 MG per day, but yet to be tested for Resolvins. [See]

Quantity of Omega 3: Unclear, but more seems better.

 Type of Omega 3: Marine rather than vegetable sourced.  [See]

There are so many other questions that need answers such as about quantities, timeframes, risks, age, body weight and other factors etc. That is why we have embarked on a research project to gather data from those already taking Aspirin and Omega 3. So watch this space, and help spread the word.